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Past Events

Webinar- February 4, 2020

PFAS Exposure Assessment for Epidemiological Studies: Lessons from the C8 Studies, and Plans for the Multi-Site PFAS Study
Dr. Scott Bartell - University of California, Irvine

Abstract:  Although measured serum PFOA concentrations were available for nearly all of the 69,030 participants in the C8 Health Project/C8 Science Panel studies ("C8 Studies"), many of the epidemiological analyses were performed using individual-level year-by-year exposure reconstruction, based on PFOA source emissions and a unified model of fate and transport, public water distribution, and pharmacokinetics.  When used in epidemiology, modelled exposure and measured biomarkers pose distinctly different risks of bias (physiological confounding/reverse causation versus greater non-differential measurement error), creating an opportunity to detect potential bias, and facilitate interpretation of effect estimates via triangulation.  This talk will review the exposure reconstruction and several examples of epidemiological triangulation from the C8 Studies, and discuss how these experiences have informed plans for the new CDC/ATSDR Multi-Site PFAS Study



Webinar- May 31, 2019

Evaluation of Dermal and Inhalation Exposures from Consumer Products
Emily Goswami and Ankur Singhal- Exponent

Webinar- January 11, 2019

Organics in the indoor environment – where we are and where we are going
Dr. Deborah Bennett – UC Davis Professor of Public Health Sciences

We will briefly review what we know about organics in the indoor environment in the context of the challenges that face us.  While we have a good understanding to exposures for a limited number of classes of compounds, there are literally thousands of compounds for which we have very little, or even no information.  We will use we know from non-targeted work to identify compounds in the indoor environment to identify future targets of concern moving forward.  Efforts are ongoing to prioritize compounds using in-vitro exposure, along with information on possible use, and compounds of interest through this effort will also be discussed.  



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