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The California Chapter Membership structure is under development, however it will follow our Chapter bylaws (Article III- abstracted below).

  • Section 1. A person who is a member of the Society and residing or working within California shall become a member of the Chapter upon payment of Chapter dues for the membership year, the timing of which is consistent with that of the Society. The Society encourages and seeks broad participation from such disciplines as exposure science, toxicology, biochemistry, chemistry, biostatistics, statistics, epidemiology, wildlife management, ecology, risk assessment, and policy, among others.

  • Section 2. A person who is not a member of the Society, but resides or works within California and has a professional interest in exposure science, may become associate member of the Chapter upon payment of Chapter dues for the membership year. Associate members may hold office and vote in Chapter matters but are ineligible to vote on Society matters. The Chapter strongly encourages all Chapter members to become Society members. After two years, an associate member is required to join the Society in order to continue to be a Chapter member. If an individual does not join the Society after two years of Chapter membership, the individual can no longer be a Chapter member, but may continue to participate in Chapter activities at non-member rates.

  • Section 3. Membership shall cease by 1) resignation, 2) default in payment of annual dues (unless the Executive Committee votes otherwise), or 3) termination by majority vote of the Executive Committee. Prior to such a vote, the Executive Committee will specify guidelines defining conduct detrimental to the Chapter.


The California Chapter is currently pursuing 501(c)3 status.  In the interim, we welcome donations to support our efforts through our parent organization, the International Society of Exposure Science. 




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